“Highly Dramatic”

Kelly’s conflict with her personal life and past comes across in a creative and textured fashion, as one understands her commitment to remain a self-sufficient woman and her adamancy towards this keeping this status in her conscience. It is a rather humane story and it’s presented in a way that may be relatable for a wide audience through its highly dramatic value.”

-Blake Alm, Head of Development, Scriptmatix


The most appealing or significant aspects of My Father the Queen are its unique character perspectives. The narrative presents a candid portrayal of Kelly, a woman navigating her encounter with the truth and the shattered pieces of her dysfunctional upbringing. Moreover, her shifting perspective when learning the reason behind her father’s estranging process provides hope through a kind message that holds forgiveness as a compelling centerpiece in the story.

-Atlanta Screenplay Awards

“Highly Marketable”

“A lot of people would resonate with the script due to its reflection on a previous era, the cultural rifts, and a struggle for one to be accepted because of their identity. This makes for a highly marketable and certainly emotionally driven script.”


Representation Matters

“Great job creating a world in which people can feel represented whether it be a situation where they were rejected themselves due to their identity or they lost a loved one due to the cultural/familial complexities of another time.”


“Emotionally Engaging”

“A really well-rendered and emotionally engaging series of moments.”