Brian McKnight Denied Daughter Opportunity to be a Daddy's Girl

Brian McKnight is trending on Twitter again.

I watched his video; his adult children disowned publicly again.

I found a post by his daughter Briana and her pain and disappointment are so familiar.

In the post, she pours out her heart and asks why isn’t she worthy of love from the man who helped to create her.


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I asked myself similar questions.

Why wasn’t I worth protecting?

Why wasn’t I worthy of his love and adoration?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Brian McKnight went on to praise his stepdaughter for making him a girl dad.

What a gut punch.

In another post, Briana says that she’s doing the work to heal and shares her journey so other young women can heal from these damnable daddy issues.

Briana, from one daughter to another, there is life, love, and healing past the trauma of it all.

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