The Healing Waters of Schitt's Creek

Part of my healing journey took me to the healing waters of Schitt’s Creek. If you’ve never heard of these magical waters, they flow through the fictional world created by Dan Levy and his comedic genius of a father Eugene Levy.

My husband described it to me as a modern version of Green Acres, but it was so much more.

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This riches-to-rags-to-riches tale allowed us to follow a family’s growth and transformation and laugh a lot along the way. The story is about the Rose family—Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis—a wealthy self-absorbed family who lost everything due to a corrupt business manager. The opening scene is chaotic with the Feds descending upon the house and confiscating any and everything of value to the family’s horror.

One of the few things the family was allowed to keep was the town of Schitt’s Creek that Johnny bought for David as a gag birthday gift. This would be their home, their place of transformation and restoration.

The hilarity starts here and doesn’t let up for six seasons.  

But it was the last two seasons that I would watch on repeat. During the last season of the show, I began the daunting task of putting my life back together. I slowly began healing from the horror I had just experienced. I was dazed and confused. I was wounded but thankful to have survived and wanted peace. I was also angry because I couldn’t get my time back.  

The last two seasons of Schitt’s Creek would highlight starting over after a failed relationship, starting a new business after a huge loss, finding love, letting go of the past, and daring to hope again.  

All those messages resonated with me as I began to heal and rebuild.  



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The episodes that soothed my soul and gave me hope were The Pitch and Happy Ending. I watched them repeatedly. The Pitch beautifully depicted the ending of a hard season and I was just coming out of mine.

This wasn’t the Rose’s first attempt to get out of Schitt’s Creek and reclaim the life they once knew. All those efforts were met with failure. And I know a thing or two about failing. About having things not turn out the way you had hoped. But if the Roses could catch a break, so could I. And I watched that episode at least a dozen times to remind me of that fact. Things would eventually turn around.

Especially once all the hard lessons had been learned.

Especially after I had healed and evolved.

My favorite scene from the Happy Ending episode is the final goodbye and car ride leaving Schitt’s Creek. I cry every time. It is the ultimate overcoming moment and in those early stages of my healing journey, I needed to see this. I needed to see that one day, all the trauma would clearly be behind me and only visible in the rear-view mirror.

The waters from Schitt’s Creek gave me hope and helped me heal and I’m grateful for the show’s creators, writers, cast, and crew.

This is the kind of impact I hope for “My Father The Queen.”

I hope that someone sees themselves in the film and believes that hope and healing are available.

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