Rest Well Professor L. Stanley Davis

Chicago opened up for us because of two people—Linda Robinson and Professor L. Stanely Davis.

Today we are saddened to learn of Professor Davis’ passing.

Professor L. Stanley Davis

He was on board with the project as soon as he learned of it. He wanted “My Father, The Queen” to be done right.

And by right I mean copyright and licenses for all music obtained and he was assisting us to make that happen. He even scheduled meetings on our behalf with local pastors.

In one of our many conversations, he told me that when he went to the theater to watch movies, he stayed until the final credit rolled. He was looking for proper credits because to say that music was important to Professor Davis would be an understatement.

Professor Davis was a noted clinician, historian, and specialist in Black Sacred Music with an emphasis on gospel and black
sacred music history & performance, and taught at both DePaul and Loyola Universities in Chicago.

He co-founded Gospel Arts Workshop, a not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to the preservation, production, and promotion of the gospel music art form. The group’s trail-blazing concert production, O, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing, served as the catalyst and primary model for the City of Chicago’s annual Gospel Fest series.

When I traveled to Chicago in May, Professor Davis had fallen ill and we weren’t able to meet in person.

I am truly thankful for this gospel music giant who took this project under his wing and who will now assist us from the other side.

Take your rest, sir—it is well deserved.


You can read Professor Davis’ full bio here.

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