Talented Designer Nikki Klugh Joins Crew as Set Designer

Nikki Klugh of Nikki Klugh Designs

CYPRESS, TX., — PrettyWork Studios announced today that Nikki Klugh of the Nikki Klugh Design Group will be the set designer for their upcoming feature film, “My Father, The Queen.” The announcement was made today by the studio president, and the film’s writer and director, Lisa N. Alexander.

Klugh is a talented interior designer and has been featured on HGTV, Home Depot, Martha Stewart, and Good Housekeeping.

She and Alexander have worked together on previous projects including a reality TV series.

“Nikki’s work is amazing,” proclaimed Alexander. “I’ve watched her create looks for her clients with varying budgets and the results are always incredible,” she said. Impressed with Klugh’s design approach, Alexander was convinced Klugh could create a world in which the film’s characters could comfortably fit and viewers could easily immerse themselves.

When asked about working on such a project, Klugh said she was “honored to help tell this very important and impactful story.”

Klugh trained at the Art Institute in Albuquerque, NM, and is a professional American Society of Interior Designers and the International Interior Design Association member with 20 years of interior design experience and design certifications.

The film is currently in preproduction and currently crowdfunding and anticipates a release in 2024.

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