"My Father, The Queen" is a Mix of Black and Brown Excellence

As a young girl, I loved TV commercials.

The 1990s Norwegian Cruiseline, “It’s Different Out Here” commercials to be exact. 

The images, and the music all spoke to me and I knew I wanted to create visuals that moved people. 

However, being a woman of color, doing so proved to be a challenge—at first. You see, I always wanted to create a safe space for women and people of color to create amazing work for equally amazing clients. But early in my career, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me in those spaces. And finding a mentor didn’t happen until much later in my career. 

But it finally happened. 

Every single one of my projects (some award-winning mind you) has intentionally included storytellers of color. 

What I had worked for and struggled to build was finally a reality.

So not only have I created a space for women and people of color to create beautiful work, but their names are attached to award-winning work. Not to mention having another IMDb credit.

I will continue to cultivate a place where women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ bodies can shine and grow and use their talents to tell stories that matter.

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